Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sleeping Position

Sleeping Position
Baron Von Reichenbach had found that his sensitive subject were greatly agitated when they slept with their heads towards Earth’s geographical South. When they changed their position so that the head was towards the North and feet to South they felt much better and slept well.

Jhon C. Pierrakos, in his paper “The Energy Field in Man and Nature”, writes that crystals pulsate at different rates depending upon their orientation to the geographical points.

Pierrakos has written that “When the leading edge of a quartz crystal is pointed to the south the pulsatory rate is approximately 9 per minute, when pointed to the west its rate is 6 per minute. It is 4 per minute when pointed North and increases to 14 per minute when pointed East.

The fact that the crystal pulsates at a minimum frequently when pointing North (4 per minute) explain why sensitive find that sleep is best when the head points North and the feet South. The head requires the cooling, soothing radiation of the North. When the head is towards that Earth’s North’s pole cerebral electrical activity will be slowed down and death, theta and alfa waves (1 cycle per second to 30 cps) will predominate, resulting in a peaceful sleep.

However if the bed and room are in manner in which it is not possible to sleep with the head in the northward direction a flat medium powered magnet should be placed beneath the pillow with its South pole facing upwards during the night. If the chromomagnet is used, the blue part should face upwards.

The GMF intensity is maximum at the polar region. Dr. A. Bart Flick, an orthopedic surgeon and researchers in biomagnetism, in a letters to us, vividly describes the feelings he experience while at the South Pole. Then he writes…

“The year I lived at the South Pole (Antarctica) I recall a ‘feeling of aging’ or greatly accelerated time, more so than I had experience to date in my life. It seemed like I lived several years for the one I was there. I felt several years older…”

It would be interesting to note the experience of one who has spent a considerable period at the Earth’s North Pole. It would probably an inhibitory effect, more soothing to the system.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Earth’s Magnetic Fields and How It Protects Life

Earth’s Magnetic Fields
The earth possesses a magnetic field. A portion of the earth’s magnetic field is generated by the ‘ionosphere’-a layer of air containing electrically-charges particles and extending from sixty to a hundred miles above the surface of the Earth. Beyond this, and extending some thousand of miles into space is a huge swarm of radioactive particles dangerous to life-the “magnetosphere”, also known as the Van Allen radiation Belt, after the American scientist who discovered it.

As these particles approach Earth, they are trapped by the Earth’s magnetic field and are prevented from reaching the Earth’s surface. Were it not for the Earth’s magnetic fields, all life on Earth would probably cease to exist! Just as the Earth’s magnetic field preserves life, magnetic-therapy preserves health and prevents disease.

Earth’s magnetic field strength is just about half a gauss. But this geomagnetic field plays a vital role in maintaining biological life. When space technology advanced sufficiently to make manned space flights possible, scientists became more aware of the vital role played by Earth’s magnetic field. The spaceships are protected against dangerous cosmic radiation. When the spacecraft Soyuz XI returned to Earth with its there Soviet cosmonauts on June 30, 1971 everything seemed to be normal. The automatic landing was normal. But when the recovery team opened the door all three crewmen were found dead. Although exact details about the crewmen’s death not known, Dr. Gultekin Caymaz, attached to the Ataturk Sanatorium in Ankara, Turkey, believes that their death could be due to increased atmospheric electric activity at the time their descent.

Moreover, both Soviet and American cosmonauts, on their return to Earth have from psychiatric disturbances, calcium metabolic defects and, may be, other physiological disturbances. According to N.A.S.A (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) solar storms can be predicted and space flights arrange accordingly. We must here point out that gravitational forces also play a vital role in biological processes, particularly in calcium metabolism. Our very skeletal framework proves this. Without gravity we would not need a bony structure. However, we feel that electromagnetism (EM) is one of the most important of all Nature’s forces, and without it, creation itself would cease to be.

Although the Earth’s magnetic field strength is only about half a gauss we know that it is vital for the preservation of life. The geomagnetic field (GMF) is not fixed but keeps changing. The Earth’s magnetic poles keep shifting and have changed places. Several such pole reversals have occurred during the past three of four million years. During the geomagnetic reversals period there is a time when the Earth’s GMF intensity at certain places comes to zero. It is such times that the gigantic dinosaur and many other species of life must have disappeared, and certain mutations remained. Geomagnetic activity must influence the history of life on Earth.

When cosmonauts go out into space they are deprived of the protective influence of the GMF. Consequently, they are most likely to suffer from various physiological disturbances. Scientists would be wise if they lined the spaceships with magnets to create a magnetic field within if they lined the spaceship with magnets to create a magnetic field within the spacecraft. The magnetic field will protect the crewmen from electro-magnetic (EM) anomalies in outer space and would further stabilized their bioelectric activity, thus preserving normal physiological activity. We further feel that electromagnets should not be used as there is not static, and so they could actually cause bioelectric disturbances. Permanent magnets would be ideal as their fields are of constant intensity.

Manned space flights made scientists the world over aware of the effects of magnetic fields on biological processes, giving birth to the science known as “Biomagnetism” (the science dealing with the study of the biological effects of magnetic fields). Consequently, “magnet-therapy”, the science of treating diseases with the poles of magnets, will soon become has given a great boots to magnet-therapy.

It is important to remember that the magnetic South pole of the earth is near the geographical north and, correspondingly, the earth’s magnetic north pole is near the geographical south. This has been confirmed by both Soviet and American after satellites were sent into orbit.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Is Life

What Is Life
Life is like a coin. It has two sides, in keeping with the cosmic law of polarity. The positive and the negative. There is pleasure and pain; joy and sorrow; health and disease. When you invite pleasure, pain also creeps in. Many of people have a good knowledge of yoga and black magic, are able to reach that blissful stage called “Grave”, wherein they are detached from worldly pleasures and sorrows. They have always know that worldly pleasures are momentary, and you can not open the door to pleasure and leave pain out. They have taught us that life has a deeper meaning. They have gives us a rich spiritual and cultural heritage.

The more the pleasure we seek, the greater will be our quota of pain. It is, after all, a nature cosmic law. The positive and the negative must strike a balance. There is however, nothing wrong with material prosperity. It is only when we are deeply attached to material things that we invite the painful feelings of fear and anxiety as we are afraid of losing them. Moreover, most of us confuse pleasure for happiness. They are two different things.

As lotus on its stalk rides unsoiled above the muddy water, so the tranquil sage rides unsoiled by the world and its sordid pleasures.

The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity
This law is the first and fundamentals law of all creation. The north and south poles will attract one another. The positive and negative together will generate an electrical current. An acid and an alkali will form salt. Both are opposites. A man and women must come together to bring forth a child. The law of polarity or opposite exists throughout creation – the sun and the moon; day and night; and in the atom the protons (positive charges) and electrons (negative charges) are balanced. In our own bodies the state of health depends upon the state of equilibrium between the positive and negative forces within our bodies. They all obey this fundamental cosmic law.

This law of polarity or duality has been reveled  to us in ancient Indian texts. According to yogic and tantric philosophy there are two power energies-1.Shiva and 2.Shakti. Shiva represents the male principle and Shakti the female. In terms of carriers of panic forces they are termed “ida” and “pingala” nadis (channels of forces). Ida represents the parasympathetic and pingala the sympathetic nervous systems.

The Universe

The Universe
A certain of order runs through the whole of creation. As we look out of the window on a bright and clear day we see the glorious Sun, the cent-re of our solar system, around which Earth and the other planets revolve. At night, as we once more look up into the clear sky, we see a different scene; we see myriads of twinkling stars, looking like lovely little gems, scattered across the vast expanses of the dark night sky. Every little star is, in fact, a Sun, like our own, most of them far larger in size than our Sun. Our own solar system is a tiny part of millions of other solar system that go from our Milky Way Galaxy. Millions and millions of solar system make up the eighty-eight galaxies known to us; and our solar system is a mere drop in this vast ocean spread across the heavens. The galaxies nearest to us are over a hundred thousand light years away! And, to the naked eye, it all looks so placid, so still. But is it really so? This whole celestial set-up is in a state of perpetual motion, with these myriad solar systems zooming across the vast expanses of other space at incredible speed, speeds relative to one another. The entire cosmos moves as an organized whole. What is the force that prevents these heavenly bodies from crashing into one another? What is that force that keeps the plants of these millions of solar systems in their respective orbits? It is essential, electromagnetism (EM).

It will be interesting to note that the universe with the Sun at its centre and the planets revolving around it looks like gigantic atom. An atom, consequently, is like a miniature universe. And it is the interplanetary magnetic fields that hold sway over the Sun, maintaining order throughout the vast expanses of outer space. Outer space is thus permeated with a web of interacting EM waves which hold together the entire universe.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Atom

The Atom
It is impossible to see the structure of an even with a microscope, so u can just imagine how tiny it must be. Nevertheless, physicists say that if you had a microscope powerful enough to show you what atoms really look like, you would be amazed at what u see. You would see millions upon millions of tiny particle (electrons) moving rapidly around the central nuclei. It would look like a beautiful fire display in the sky. And this is how the atoms of all matter would look, be it a piece of wood, metal or the cells in our own bodies. The figure above is an artist’s concept of a single atom.

Let us take the simply hydrogen atom. One has to deal with the hydrogen atom in all branches of science, including Biology. The nucleus of hydrogen atom is the proton. The proton spins on its own axis. By virtue of its spin the proton generates a magnetic field. In other words each proton behaves like a microscopic little bar magnet (dipole). Now the electron also spins on its own axis as it revolves around the nucleus. Because of this spin it generates a magnetic field. The electron is thus the smallest known “magnet”.

As every atom has a field it means that the electro-magnetic (EM) field extends everywhere and interpenetrates all things. A piece of wood or metal, plants, animals, are all linked with man through this invisible, omnipresent field. Nature cannot exist without this field. The EM fields acts as a carrier for all material phenomena, and we are all part of this intricate web of nature web of nature. Einstein, while stressing the importance of the EM fields, had said.

“We may therefore regard matter as being constituted by the regions of space in which the field is extremely intense…..There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the fields is the only reality.”

According to William Thirring, a renowned research scientist in particle physics,”…the field exists always and everywhere and can never be removed….”

We are truly living in a universe of vibrations. And color, heat, sound, light, magnetism and electricity are all the same energy differing only in frequency of vibration and medium of condition.  


Magnetism is a component of elector-magnetism, one of the four fundamental forces of nature (the other being gravity, Nuclear forces and radioactive forces). Although, like gravity, very little is understood about the nature of magnetism and electricity (electricity and magnetism are very closely related), one thing is certain-electro-magnetism (EM) plays a vital role in nature. It is of tremendous importance everywhere, be it in an atom, that tiny particle of matter, or in the vast expanses of the astronomical universe.

Elector-magnetic (EM) energy is wave-like and so scientists use the term “electro-magnetic wave”. Even the hippies, the flower people, were well aware of the importance of EM vibrations. I remember, many years ago, how often they would use the term “vibes are all” (“vibe” is the short form for “vibration”). They are even aware of the body’s EM fields, which is apparent from terms like “We vibe well”, or “We share the same wave-length”.

About nine thousand years in the past  in ancient Persia, the prophet Zarathushtra revealed to the world the dynamic laws of nature, of Creation. The Vendidad  records the teaching of Zarathushtra, of concept of vibrationary energies (with special reference to light and sound and magnetism), the different frequencies and the vital role they play in creation. He described at length how human beings and all biological life fit into, and are an integral part of, this divine plan of vibrationary energies.  Zarathushtra pointed out that these vibrationary energies are fundamentally responsible for the aura in some detail and also the Circle and these description the aura parallel to those in the Upanishads (ancient culture texts). today’s quantum physics teaches us what the ancient seers revealed to the world centuries ago. What Zarathushtra spoke about nine thousand ago! And today we know of the importance of the electromagnetic (EM) wave’ and we can truly marvel at the wisdom and knowledge of the ancients.


What is measurable ins knowable’ but what is knowable need not be measurable…

Bio-magnetic, commonly known as ‘magnet-therapy’, is the name given to the science of treating diseases with a magnetic field. The astounding result obtained through “magnet-therapy” gives it a place of considerable importance in field of therapeutics. In magnet therapy we are using a force (like gravity) that cannot normally be seen or felt or even measured. What we perceive are the effects of magnetism, and not magnetism itself. However, this subtle force has a profound influence upon all biological processes, nay, upon the whole of Creation itself.

Bio-magnetic - The world is taken from the Greek world “bios” meaning “life”. Hence the world “Bio-magnetic” literally means the science dealing with application of magnetic fields to living things.

Magnet-therapy is the science of treating diseases with the two poles of magnet