Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Therapy For Pain

Therapy For Pain
The therapeutic power of magnets....

Whether for pain relief, back to sleep or boost drinking water, the magnets are a large number of therapeutic applications.

Mode of action

Through numerous studies, we now know that the magnetic energy boosts restorative processes throughout the organization. But, beyond this general action, magnetic therapy can target with great precision a disturbed area, simply by placing a magnet above. The magnetic wave of the magnet penetrates tissues and spreads its analgesic effect.

For example, athletes and the elderly are frequently improved by placing magnetized pads on painful spots: back, joints, muscles, neck, etc..

In a more general, we will fight against the magnetic deficiency by lying between two magnetized superplaques, we address some sleep disorders by positioning a coin magnet on each temple, and we will deal with local pain, particularly at thighs, face, spine and muscles, using magnetic rubber sheets adapting to the natural curves of the body .........Therapy For Pain.......

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Body Structure


Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy
With a strength of 1100 Gauss it is ideally sutied for regulating chakra activity. It is described later in this chapter. Wherever the North pole is required, the red part of the chromo-magnet is to be applied for a period off fifteen minutes to half an hour twice a day and when the South of fifteen minutes to half an hour twice a day and when the South pole in indicated the blue part is to be applied.

The above figure the three important regions where the chromo-magnets are to be applied for speeding up charka activity. The red position should touch each charka. Three chromo-magnets are to be applied simultaneously as shown above to the three important plexuses in the spinal column – the Vishuddha charka, the Manipura charka and the Swadhisthana. Persons suffering from hypertension, nervousirritability, cervical or lumbar spondylitis should apply the blue part (South Pole) to the Vishuddha and Swadhisthana charkas. However, the North pole (red) is best for application to the Manipura charka as it is the storehouse and distribution center for prana.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Therapeutic Guide

Therapeutic Guide
Therapeutic Guide - No cell, no organ, no system in entries in it self. Every cell, every organ, every system is dependent upon the rest of the organism for its functioning. The entries human organism, mind and body, function as a harmonious whole during health. And, as in health, even so illness, a human being is sick as a whole and not just in parts. The greatest of medical errors is to consider a disease state as a local entity, to speak of patient as “heart case” or a “kidney case” or a “liver case”. For any treatment to be really effective and lasting the patient must be consider in his her entirety. Only then can the physician hope to bring about the much equilibrium, the harmonious movement of prana within the human organism.   The physician is once again advised that, beside the localization is once again to a particular diseased condition, it is important to take into consideration the totality of symptoms of the patient, especially in chronic conditions. After the case-taking and a proper clinical examination the physician will be in a better position to treat the patient constitutionally with magnet-therapy, by applying magnets simultaneously to the indicated regions of the body.   Rediesthesia has frequently been made use of in preparing the following clinical index, which will prove to be a useful guide to the physician.  Magnet Therapy can be used safely along with all other modes of treatment, especially homoeopathy. For the benefit of the physician mentioned in the following index :Index in here........