Physical Therapy

Regular daily applications of the chromo-magnets to the spine will maintain the body’s bioelectric equilibrium and improve general health. Applying these magnets to the spine ensure an even distribution of pranic energy to both sides of the body and this is very important in keeping the body’s pranic forces in a state of harmonious balance.

Together with application to the spine it is also of vital importance to apply a fourth chromo-magnet to the forehead center (the blue part touching the forehead) for regulating Ajna charka activity.

The above photography shows how three chromo-magnets are to be applied to the three important charkas (never plexuses) with the North pole (red portion of the chromo-magnets) touching the regions. In the three important charkas, vishuddha, Manipura and Swadhisthana are speeded up to accelerate metabolic activity.