Therapy For Pain

Therapy For Pain
Finally, be aware that each side of a magnet has a specific effect: the south side is relieving and disperses energy, while the north side muscle relaxant and is active energy.

The most common applications

Long past in the habits of Naturopaths, magnetic therapy has been adapted to different medical techniques.

In reflexology, for example, applying a principle of correspondence in which organs and functions are connected with certain areas of the feet, palms of hands and face. Their magnetization using rollers, plates or magn├ętophores not only stimulates these reflex areas, but also sends energy throughout the body. Plexuses are settled. Energy circulate better. Balances are recovering ...

In acupuncture, one can use magnetic pellets to stimulate a specific point for several days if necessary.

But the most common application of magnetism remains ... magnetism, ie the use of magnets suitable that is placed just on different body parts.

Neophytes will be advised, however, to choose your magnets. Do not they have power too weak, or they have no differentiation of south and north sides. It is therefore essential to check the polarization, the durability and strength therapeutic magnets.

The different types of magnets

u Galet: Magnet biomagnetic the most universal. He lands on the body, hands and feet at their reflex zones, and can be used for magnetization of water. It is sometimes recommended to use two pairs of rollers simultaneously, for example to magnetize both hands and both feet. Moreover, the stacking of two rollers increases the range when necessary.

u Tablets: The use of pellets is required when a localized magnetic field is needed, ie when the problem is very limited, or when you want to use magnetic acupuncture. Very useful to the uninitiated who can not accurately locate the points, the pellet diameter is foreseen to cover certainly the aim point. Moreover, the still relatively small size of these pellets can permanent wear and discreet, with a plaster.

u Piecettes: Quite similar to the pellets, however, the coins have a strength less concentrated, but nevertheless generate a magnetic field also located.

u Plates: They allow particularly rapid treatment by reflexology and meridians of the feet and hands, and the magnetization of a pack of six bottles at a time.

u Superplaques: Identical to the plates, but with an additional active ingredient that allows them to make a larger field, the superplaques will be needed, for example, to magnetize large quantities of water, targets thicker or more volumes important.

u Slug: Composed of the same rare earth alloy as pellets, however, the ingot produces a magnetic field much denser on a larger area and greater depth.

u Magnet-rod: A kind of loving, needed to disseminate local magnetism in small places or difficult access.

u bipolar magnet: Magnet designed to disseminate a magnetism both north and south on the same point.

u Magn├ętophore: This flexible sheet of magnetic rubber can cover large areas of the body, and can be cut according to the most diverse forms.

The magnetized water

Another beneficial application of magnetism: the magnetization of drinking water with powerful magnetic fields without energy expenditure and with no indication-cons.

Such a magnetization change assembling molecules of water. The analysis showed that magnetized water molecules behave like a perfectly fresh spring water.

To magnetize water, just put a bottle between two magnetic wheels. Similarly, one can magnetize fruit juice, milk, wine, beer, coffee, tea, herbal teas, fruits, oils, cosmetics, lotions, etc..

In general, it is advisable to drink with water to maintain the magnetic form, such as water has the ability to drain, stabilize and improve body functions.

The doctors say Lobchenko Bengali and also an individual who drinks water regularly Magnetic strengthens its overall strength.

Moreover, studies have shown that the magnetic minerals in water soluble and are faster than the biological reactions take place more easily.

Blood flow, in particular, is improved, since the magnetization of water hinders the formation of deposits on the artery walls due to its enhanced ability to dissolve the elements it encounters.

In China, hospital tests have shown that drinking magnetized water also improved the effectiveness of certain treatments, homeopathic or allopathic, and stimulated transit.

Moreover, according to Hokaido Institute of Technology, six hours of magnetization of a bacteria-laden water results in a reduction in their number.

Dr. Donnet, for its part, shows that magnetized water helps make the hepatobiliary region that is both flexible and painless, while it soothes the digestive system bloating ...

Externally, the misting water magnet on the face and skin in general, may have a beneficial effect on some itching or redness.

Finally, magnetized water helps to increase tenfold the activity of natural raw materials and bath, by simply filing a pair of plates in the tub. Therapy For Pain....Therapy For Pain....Therapy For Pain.....