Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Atom

The Atom
It is impossible to see the structure of an even with a microscope, so u can just imagine how tiny it must be. Nevertheless, physicists say that if you had a microscope powerful enough to show you what atoms really look like, you would be amazed at what u see. You would see millions upon millions of tiny particle (electrons) moving rapidly around the central nuclei. It would look like a beautiful fire display in the sky. And this is how the atoms of all matter would look, be it a piece of wood, metal or the cells in our own bodies. The figure above is an artist’s concept of a single atom.

Let us take the simply hydrogen atom. One has to deal with the hydrogen atom in all branches of science, including Biology. The nucleus of hydrogen atom is the proton. The proton spins on its own axis. By virtue of its spin the proton generates a magnetic field. In other words each proton behaves like a microscopic little bar magnet (dipole). Now the electron also spins on its own axis as it revolves around the nucleus. Because of this spin it generates a magnetic field. The electron is thus the smallest known “magnet”.

As every atom has a field it means that the electro-magnetic (EM) field extends everywhere and interpenetrates all things. A piece of wood or metal, plants, animals, are all linked with man through this invisible, omnipresent field. Nature cannot exist without this field. The EM fields acts as a carrier for all material phenomena, and we are all part of this intricate web of nature web of nature. Einstein, while stressing the importance of the EM fields, had said.

“We may therefore regard matter as being constituted by the regions of space in which the field is extremely intense…..There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the fields is the only reality.”

According to William Thirring, a renowned research scientist in particle physics,”…the field exists always and everywhere and can never be removed….”

We are truly living in a universe of vibrations. And color, heat, sound, light, magnetism and electricity are all the same energy differing only in frequency of vibration and medium of condition.  

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