Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Magnetism is a component of elector-magnetism, one of the four fundamental forces of nature (the other being gravity, Nuclear forces and radioactive forces). Although, like gravity, very little is understood about the nature of magnetism and electricity (electricity and magnetism are very closely related), one thing is certain-electro-magnetism (EM) plays a vital role in nature. It is of tremendous importance everywhere, be it in an atom, that tiny particle of matter, or in the vast expanses of the astronomical universe.

Elector-magnetic (EM) energy is wave-like and so scientists use the term “electro-magnetic wave”. Even the hippies, the flower people, were well aware of the importance of EM vibrations. I remember, many years ago, how often they would use the term “vibes are all” (“vibe” is the short form for “vibration”). They are even aware of the body’s EM fields, which is apparent from terms like “We vibe well”, or “We share the same wave-length”.

About nine thousand years in the past  in ancient Persia, the prophet Zarathushtra revealed to the world the dynamic laws of nature, of Creation. The Vendidad  records the teaching of Zarathushtra, of concept of vibrationary energies (with special reference to light and sound and magnetism), the different frequencies and the vital role they play in creation. He described at length how human beings and all biological life fit into, and are an integral part of, this divine plan of vibrationary energies.  Zarathushtra pointed out that these vibrationary energies are fundamentally responsible for the aura in some detail and also the Circle and these description the aura parallel to those in the Upanishads (ancient culture texts). today’s quantum physics teaches us what the ancient seers revealed to the world centuries ago. What Zarathushtra spoke about nine thousand ago! And today we know of the importance of the electromagnetic (EM) wave’ and we can truly marvel at the wisdom and knowledge of the ancients.

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