Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity
This law is the first and fundamentals law of all creation. The north and south poles will attract one another. The positive and negative together will generate an electrical current. An acid and an alkali will form salt. Both are opposites. A man and women must come together to bring forth a child. The law of polarity or opposite exists throughout creation – the sun and the moon; day and night; and in the atom the protons (positive charges) and electrons (negative charges) are balanced. In our own bodies the state of health depends upon the state of equilibrium between the positive and negative forces within our bodies. They all obey this fundamental cosmic law.

This law of polarity or duality has been reveled  to us in ancient Indian texts. According to yogic and tantric philosophy there are two power energies-1.Shiva and 2.Shakti. Shiva represents the male principle and Shakti the female. In terms of carriers of panic forces they are termed “ida” and “pingala” nadis (channels of forces). Ida represents the parasympathetic and pingala the sympathetic nervous systems.

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