Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Is Life

What Is Life
Life is like a coin. It has two sides, in keeping with the cosmic law of polarity. The positive and the negative. There is pleasure and pain; joy and sorrow; health and disease. When you invite pleasure, pain also creeps in. Many of people have a good knowledge of yoga and black magic, are able to reach that blissful stage called “Grave”, wherein they are detached from worldly pleasures and sorrows. They have always know that worldly pleasures are momentary, and you can not open the door to pleasure and leave pain out. They have taught us that life has a deeper meaning. They have gives us a rich spiritual and cultural heritage.

The more the pleasure we seek, the greater will be our quota of pain. It is, after all, a nature cosmic law. The positive and the negative must strike a balance. There is however, nothing wrong with material prosperity. It is only when we are deeply attached to material things that we invite the painful feelings of fear and anxiety as we are afraid of losing them. Moreover, most of us confuse pleasure for happiness. They are two different things.

As lotus on its stalk rides unsoiled above the muddy water, so the tranquil sage rides unsoiled by the world and its sordid pleasures.

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