Wednesday, November 2, 2011


What is measurable ins knowable’ but what is knowable need not be measurable…

Bio-magnetic, commonly known as ‘magnet-therapy’, is the name given to the science of treating diseases with a magnetic field. The astounding result obtained through “magnet-therapy” gives it a place of considerable importance in field of therapeutics. In magnet therapy we are using a force (like gravity) that cannot normally be seen or felt or even measured. What we perceive are the effects of magnetism, and not magnetism itself. However, this subtle force has a profound influence upon all biological processes, nay, upon the whole of Creation itself.

Bio-magnetic - The world is taken from the Greek world “bios” meaning “life”. Hence the world “Bio-magnetic” literally means the science dealing with application of magnetic fields to living things.

Magnet-therapy is the science of treating diseases with the two poles of magnet

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